up People

Successful pop up's - Thats us!

We make things pop from, locations, brands, spaces and special events!


Think of us as the rabbit in the hat, you have an idea or problem, we create your desired outcome.


We can set it up so you run the project/event or we will do all the work for you.


Our stakeholder engagement is the best in the field, we work on strict timelines for our clients for the most professional yet, cost effective outcome.


Our relationships with the media and associated online marketing connections, will help you leverage your target market for the strongest impact by creating affordable campaigns.


Pop up People are creating a movement/ trend which helps our clients/places in this crowded market to stick out and POP!


So embrace the power of pop up for your next project! Pop up with us!

We will arrange all the following 


  • Assist with funding, sponsorship and grant writing

  • Finding Short Term Spaces and locations/Venues

  • All forms of compliance to Strategic Planning

  • Business Case Development

  • Pop-Up Concept Design

  • Branding and Identity

  • Graphic Design

  • PR, Marketing and Communications

  • Temporary Insurance

  • Licence and Legal Support

  • Fit-Out Design, Construction and Decommission

  • IT, Digital and POS Solutions

  • Full Pop-Up Activation and Operational Support

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management

  • Staff and Supporters

  • Ongoing Pop Up Management

  • Pop Up Impact Assessment

  • High Level Analysis and Reporting

  • Even that flash mob you have always dreamed of!

Shop Local Campaigns 

You want to create a campaign to entice your local shoppers to spend in a specific area, village or high street? We have the tools to and innovative ideas to create a unique shopping experience with the all important financial benfits.

Local Renewal Projects

Do you want to host a flag ship annual event to put your town on the map?

Are you a new business and want to showcase your services to a broader market?

Is your township full of empty shops?

Are you looking to test a market with your new product or service?

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