Activation Specialists 

What is Area Activation?

Area Activation is an element of Economic Development Marketing, a specialised discipline that focuses on how cities, regions, states and countries attract investment and build wealth.


There are currently 565 local councils in Australia, the competition to attract investment, talent and tourists are intense. But most places fail to differentiate their offerings, choosing instead to tout their “quality of life,” “exceptional workforce” or “pro-business attitude.”


All healthy economic development marketing programs start by answering two fundamental questions:


What makes our community different?


Why should our target audience care?










The benefits of building strong relationships with corporate leaders in your community, along with investors offer expansion opportunities and referrals to their suppliers. Which is the fastest and most trusted way to build knowledge and is the heart of all active marketing programs.


Smart economic development marketers look for every opportunity to connect with corporations within their community.


Area Attraction


Event Ideas and Management


Township renewal programs 

Business development partnerships  

Placemaking and planning projects  

Futures and Sustainable Business Strategies

Investment attraction

Regional branding

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