Area Activation Specialists 

A Baker Project are Area Activation and Event Management Specialists. We make places and brands POP-UP!


Our step-by-step process draws on the principles of Economic Development for Results in government departments, small business, community groups and associations.


A Baker Project have identified the critical questions that form a framework for decision-making; you'll identify key issues, goals and resources to provide you with the correct structure to develop your plan and implement influential marketing for all areas of activation.  


Our team can also break down complex data from analysis and research for our clients, developing creative, innovative and the correct Policies and Proceedures for exceptional results.


Our method is scaleable from conception to execution.


Knowledge and Skills:

Influence and negotiation: Proposals and ideas; Builds behind-the-scenes support for ideas to ensure buy-in and ownership; Uses chain of indirect influence to achieve outcomes; Involves experts or other third parties to strengthen a case.


Project Management: Consults, liaises with and influences key stakeholders; Produces detailed project plans where objectives are clearly defined and action steps for achieving them are clearly specified; Monitors performance against objectives and manages project risks and issues; Ensures project objectives are met.


Policy skills: Formulates and communicates public policy options and recommendations; Keeps up-to-date with a broad range of contemporary issues; Scans for links and potential implications of proposed policy options; Liaises with stakeholders.


Communication: Complex briefs, letters, emails and reports using clear, concise to ensure the information necessary to achieve the purpose and meet audience needs

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